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Hire Us to Repipe Your Home or Office

If your home was built in the 50s and the original pipes run through it, you need to start thinking about a full house re-piping. The pipes fitted in older houses consist of iron pipes that are coated with zinc. As the pipes age, they become corroded. As a result, they develop pinhole leaks which lead to mold growth. Mold makes your entire family sick and getting rid of it should be your number one priority. Sometimes the pipes can become defective and they might need to be replaced with new ones. Defective pipes can leak and flood your home, leading to more extensive damage.

What is re-piping?

Re-piping is simply replacing all water supply pipes of a house or business with new ones. Re-piping is not about replacing short sections of a water pipe, but a complete replacement of the entire supply plumbing system. The process includes estimating, inspection and planning, permitting, removing old plumbing, repairing wall openings and painting. While re-piping is a complex, sometimes messy undertaking, it will greatly improve the quality and safety of your home and possibly save you from even higher bills that come from rotted and ruined homes. The whole process can take 1 to 3 days depending on the size of your house as well as the number of bathrooms in your home.

When should you re-pipe your home?

Everything has a lifespan, and the pipes in your home are no exception. Particularly if they are old, galvanized steel pipes will ultimately become leaky and corroded or clogged. Re-piping becomes necessary when you notice that water isn’t flowing down your faucets as quickly and as smoothly as it once used to flow. Sometimes the water coming from your tap will have a rust-colored stained to it. This is a tell-tale sign that the pipes are rusty. A drop in water pressure is also a clear indication that your pipes need to be re-piped. An unpleasant taste can also be a sign of corroded pipes. If you notice these signs, re-piping may be on the way.

Why should you re-pipe your home?

Most homes were constructed with galvanized plumbing which corrode over time. If you own a home that has an existing galvanised pipe, it means that the water you get from the municipal has a foul smell and an unpleasant taste. It is even possible that you will develop leaks in your pipes that can cause corrosion and mold. This can damage your house, increase electricity bills, affect the value of your property and deliver poor quality water. If you are in this situation you might need a repipe. Re-piping your older home may decrease your water bill and increases your convenience, comfort, and give you peace of mind.

Don’t wait until you start noticing leaks. Repipe your home when you notice signs associated with deteriorating pipes. A professionally done repipe will remove rusty water and provide better tasting water. Bear in mind that repiping is a large-scale project, requiring highly-skilled plumbing contractors that will do the job right and help you evade costly consequences that usually come with poor installation.