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Plumbing problems could happen in any home, no matter what the home’s age is. Fortunately, most serious plumbing leaks don’t occur without any warning at all. However, in older homes, or for those who would rather delay the preventive maintenance, it’s best to hire an emergency plumber who would assess the issue and suggest the necessary fixes to resolve the problem. Aside from that, here are some of the reasons to call an emergency plumber.

  1. Toilets Overflowing
    An overflowing toilet will never be pleasant, and it’s every homeowner’s nightmare. Not only does it smell bad, it can also be a cause of contamination. Furthermore, an overflowing resulting from clogged toilets happen so quickly that you wouldn’t have a lot of time to respond.
    That said, it’s advisable to check the water lines regularly and call an emergency plumber right away in case something seems wrong.
  2. There Has Been a Decrease in Water Flow, Drips, and Leaks
    Homes with persistent drip should see this as an indication that the faucet needs replacement. Also, if the kitchen faucet stops working all of a sudden or fail to deliver a strong stream of water, then there’s probably an obstructed aerator and it’s the main cause of the problem. Aside from that, shower heads can also get clogged and coated with film. Those who don’t mind performing DIY remedies can try performing a minimal adjustment, replacing a washer, or removing and cleaning the filter or aerator. However, for those who would rather not take these minor fixes, calling an emergency plumber to handle this issue would be the best choice.
  3. Clogged Drainage
    Another common issue that a homeowner might face would be drain clogging. Clogged drains could lead to sewer backups resulting to smelly and hazardous waste water throughout the space. In order to unclog the drains quickly, you will have to call an emergency plumber who uses professional drain clearing techniques, such as hydro jetting.
    Aside from that, hiring a plumber would also minimize the risks of future clogs in case that the issue turned out to be chronic.
  4. Stain Build Up and Deposit
    Keep in mind, not all water is the same, and the water quality varies depending on the additives and trace minerals present. In case that you have noticed some form of staining on your faucets and fixtures, or a brown, white, or green powder, then you should recognize that this might be affective the flow of water in the pipes.
    For situations like this, the use of a whole-house purification system is highly advisable.
  5. Leaks
    Water leaks would definitely add up to a lot of money in water bills. A leaking faucet would become a serious problem over time. Usually, the reason for leaking faucet could be because of worn or it’s not sitting properly.

Final Words
Despite the fact that homeowners won’t be able to prevent a pipe from breaking, being aware of the symptoms that could lead to future plumbing problems would be of great help. Likewise, this can also encourage you to consult an emergency plumber before the situation gets worse.